Tracktor Bowling – 20:16 (2016) MP3

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Tracktor Bowling – 20:16 (2016) MP3
Name 20:16
Year: 2016
Genre: Alternative Metal
Country Russia
Duration: 1:16:07
Format / Codec: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 320 kbps

Tracktor Bowling – today one of the alternative scene in Russia the most prominent bands. The band was formed in 1996, but the first full-length album was released through six years – in 2002. The main “highlight” of the team – female vocals with a very heavy guitar sound. Texts – in Russian. Today, the musical style of the band can be characterized as: modern heavy guitar rock music. Mixed most topical world music trends. Many who once visited the live performance of the team, noted high professionalism and teamwork of the musicians of execution, as well as the excellent work of the sound engineer of the group.

Track Listing:
01. ahead
02. Walking on Glass
03. Natron
04. Snow
05. Rat
06. A world where there is no me
07. Steps
08. Tractor
09. I’m alive
10. Draw
11. time
12. SCTP2K
13. Doomed
14. Metro
15. Dash
16. Scars

Bonus: 17. Rat feat. Che Guevara

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